Multiple users?

I purchased 1Password for multiple users but right now I fail to see any differentiation between one user and the next. How do I specify different users account/login credentials for a given site?


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    If you save multiple Login items for a given URL—one for each user—1Password will present all of them when you visit that URL and press Ctrl+\ or click the 1Password tool in the browser tool bar. You could name the Login items to make them easily distinguishable in the list:

    • - Bill

    • - Susan

    • - Tim

  • I notice by default 1Password will save the same URL multiple times so it appears to have the same name. You are saying that each should be "renamed" differently? So there is only one master password and anybody in group of liscensees could login with any of the passwords listed?

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    You always have the option to modify the default name suggested by 1Password. If you do not, you can easily change its name later.

    Anyone who has your master password has access to all of your Logins and other saved items. That's why it's important to have a strong and unguessable master password.

    By the way, your master password is stored only within your 1Password data. We have no way of resetting or restoring it, because such a method would be a “back door” through which someone could get unauthorized access to your 1Password data. That's why it's important that your master password, while strong and unguessable, also be something you can remember.

  • And there is not a master password per licensed user?

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    Nope. You could create a hundreds of .agilekeychain folders on each of a kajillion different computers, and every single one could have a different master password. Each .agilekeychain neither knows nor cares about the existence of any others, on the same computer or anywhere else. If you want to share and sync your 1Password data among multiple computers, you use Dropbox to (among other things) automatically copy the entire .agilekeychain folder among them; but 1Password on each of those computers is utterly ignorant of whether its data is being copied to and from any of the others.

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    And there is not a master password per licensed user?

    if you have a family license, then every family member can create his/her own 1Password data (assuming they all have a separate Windows account and do not log into the same Windows account).

  • But is there one "master password"? How are the different master passwords associated with one account or license?

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    But is there one "master password"?

    No. Assuming your family members log into their own Windows accounts, then every family member has his/her own 1Password data (stored in My Documents or My Dropbox).

    How are the different master passwords associated with one account or license?

    They are not. However, you can share a 1Password database when...

    1. it is stored in Dropbox, and
    2. you share this Dropbox folder with your family member(s)

    This will result in the shared 1Password database showing up in multiple Dropbox accounts. From here, everyone can unlock the (shared) 1Password database with the same master password.

  • Hi there,

    I am a virtual assistant and one of my clients uses 1password on a mac. I work on a windows pc. We want to share 1password so I can get in his 1 password. My client bought the single user version for mac. I think he has to buy the 1Password Mac + Windows Bundle and then the family license but I dont know for sure.
    And can he upgrade it from his existing account he just bought a couple of weeks ago?

    I hope to hear the answer!

    Greetings, Noor

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    @noorpeels in your case, you only need a new Windows license (not a family license).

    Please enter your Mac license code here, then you should receive a nice discount on the Windows license:


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    Noor, your client doesn't need the bundle license unless s/he wants to use 1Password on both platforms, and as @svondutch wrote, you need only the Windows version for the scenario you describe.

  • @svondutch and @Dbrown: Thx for the support, I will take care of it!

  • I am back again! I don't have a purchase code since it has been bought through the apple store. If I buy the windows license, I can use the inlog form the MAC account, isn't it?

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    No, you'd need to send e-mail (with a copy of the app store receipt) to [email protected], and one of us should be able to assist you.

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