iOS Searching failures

Today, I needed my password to SuitableTech ,so I could set it up on a new computer. No problem, fire up my iPhone and login... Search for "Sui" and find nothing.. Huh?

Search for "www.sui" and find one, just an autogenerated password I used for a reset a few months back.. that's not it..

Search for "suit" (lowercase), nothing.

I give up, look on my laptop.. Sure enough "SuitableTech" is there, with an icon and everything good to go.

I scroll down on my iPhone to the S's and find it there, same entry. Just won't come up in search.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I've got the latest version on both my MacBook and iPhone5 (ios7), using Dropbox sync. I've got about 1300 entries, so search is a must-have.


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @Yeraze,

    I'm sorry to hear that your Login has been hiding on you. Our developers are currently tracking a bug that can mess up the search results screen. Try searching again, but if you don't see your Login immediately, scroll up. Sometimes the Login can get hidden underneath the search bar.

    Please let me know this is the case for you!

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