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  • I have been a confirmed user of strong passwords with 1Password 3.8 for my Mac desktop (use Firefox browser) with little or no problems. When I upgraded for extensions in Firefox I do once in awhile have to manually insert a password not recognized. Also the 2 locations, one in the toolbar and the normal open window is confusing at times. Now I have downloaded 1pw4 to my miniIPad and want to synchronize to my desktop. I can't get anywhere with this sync. Do I have to upgrade the desktop version to 1pw4? I am worried that I will lose all of my passwords if I do this.

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    Hi Frank,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble getting synced up! I just want to confirm some details here to be sure that I am giving you the best instructions:

    • What version of 1Password are you currently using on your desktop?
    • What is the version number of the operating system on your desktop?

    Once I know a bit more about your setup, we should be able to get you synced up easily. :)

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