How to completely uninstall 1Password app version 4 (App Store version) and data files on 10.9.1

I have found uninstaller app for version 3 but not version 4. There are other users who have posted this request but responses do not offer uninstall instructions but rather offer details on removing data files with the assumption that the user simply wants to start clean and not totally remove the app, all associated components and all data files from their machine.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @bgpconnect,

    To completely uninstall 1Password 4, here's what you want to do:

    • In Preferences > Sync, disable any selected sync, and select the option to remove your data from the sync source
    • In Preferences > General, disable the Mini
    • Quit 1Password
    • In Finder, select Go > Go to Folder and paste the following:

    • Delete the folder

    • Select Go > Go to Folder and paste the following:

    • Delete onepassword/agilbits stuff there

    After the files are deleted, move the 1Password application to the Trash. :) As you mention, this will remove your data files, so be sure that any important data is backed up elsewhere before performing this.

  • Thank you for your quick response and complete instructions! I am extremely fond of 1Password and based on my research have nothing but admiration for all the hard work that has gone into developing a product that is both securely implemented-no small feat-and easy to use.

    On a separate note, can you kindly explain to me what the differences are between your app store and direct download offerings? I know that sandboxing and delayed releases for the app store version are a given. Otherwise, I would be very interested to know what other differences might exist given that, as a developer, you have a lot more freedom to implement certain features that would not be possible given the limits of the app store. Let me know if you would like me to create a new thread to address this new topic. Thanks again for all your kind assistance!

  • One thing to add that distinguishes the Mac App Store version from the AgileBits web store version is that it is possible that at some future time App;e might decide that only MAC software can have access to syncing via iCloud. At the present time. both versions do that well, but AgileBits is recommending the MAC store version for those who want to be certain of future support for iCloud. So far, Apple has not kicked them off of iCloud.

    Personal comment: if Apple does that, out will only irritate its users and make iCloud that much less useful.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @bgpconnect,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I'd be happy to answer your questions, but first I just want to let you know that I am not on the development team, so I can only give you a general response. If you're interested in digging a bit deeper, I can certainly find a more technical teammate to help out here.

    As @hawkmoth says, the main difference is the availability of iCloud. While it is currently available on the webstore version, we can't guarantee that it will always be available. (Although we are certainly hoping that it continues to be an option!)

    You're right, freedom from sandboxing does give us a few extra options to play around with, and there are some backend differences as a result. However we try to keep the visible differences between the website version and the Mac App Store version to a minimum. Any serious feature disparity between the versions would only end up confusing and frustrating users. (It can be enough of a challenge keeping things straight when we release a new version on the webstore with fixes or features while the App Store version is still awaiting approval.)

    I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any further question :)

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