Dropbox sync with beta 4.5b35

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It looks to me that syncing with this version is not working. I created a new login on the iPhone but this login does not show up on my Mac. When I look in the synchronisation window in the app it says "Last synced: 10 seconds ago"
After this I disabled the sync and turned it on again and still no sync


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    First of all, I've been a long time beta tester, and haven't posted feedback before. I've always felt bad about that, since I know I'm consuming a valuable slot, but the app has always been rock solid for me. (With the exceptions of things that are specifically noted in the notes as not working yet, of course.) So, sorry for that agilebits, if you guys would have more bugs, I would do a better job of posting issues. :-)

    But, like plindeman, I'm also having sync problems. I've encountered the behavior described below on both b34 and b35 on iPad.

    I read the release notes that said that I would have to reconfigure my sync setup. (Some of these may be some of my own configuration issues, but if so, I think some UI improvement could help me out.)

    • I go to Settings->Sync-Primary->Sync with Dropbox.

    Here it shows "use XXXXXX account" and another cell for "connect dropbox account". This is just a UI issue, but I was confused by this. I had no idea what the numeric id of my Dropbox account was, and thought that it had gotten confused during the upgrade. Later, after reconnecting my account, I realized what this meant.

    • If I select the XXXXXX account, I get a list of two things. "1Password.agilekeychain" with a subtitle of a date in 2008, and "1Password.agilekeychain/1Password.agilekeychain" with a date in 2013. This again, may be a UI issue, but I confused me significantly. It appears to me, after poking around in the package contents of the keychain a bit, that this may have actually been some sort of corruption issue in my agilekeychain. But it's hard to say if what I saw is normal (maybe the nested one is a backup?) or not, since I only have my to look at. In any case, it was hard for me to figure out which one to select. I originally selected the second one, because it had the newer date, but after I got to my Mac and could look at the package, I'm confident that that choice was wrong and went back and selected the first one. (I also realized that these dates are creation dates and not modification dates. Some clarification on that might have helped me.)

    • After that, I got no visual feedback. It says "syncing with dropbox", but I'm not sure if that means "actively syncing" or "I think I'm configured for Dropbox". If I tap on that, I get "never synced". But I don't know why, or how to force a sync. Since I had been having problems getting it set up, I was hoping to see a progress indicator. Maybe it is syncing and just hasn't finished yet; one of the reasons that I got into the beta program was because I had a big database. But it's hard to know, and even now, significantly later, recent additions to my database aren't showing up on iPad. So, I'm moderately convinced it isn't working at all.

    Also, sometimes when selecting a dropbox account, I would get NSURLErrorDomain error -1009 "The operation could not be completed". Not sure if that's in anyway related, but that error was very intermittent, so I don't think so.

    Thanks for 1Password, let me know if there is anything further you need.


  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thanks @plindeman and @davidogren for writing in. We've got some additional improvements coming in the next betas that should help alleviate these issues.

    Michael Fey
    [email protected]

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