Deleting Data in iCloud when Master Password is lost and restart with new setup.

I lost my (old) Masterpassword (Sorry!). Now I deleted 1 PW from all iOS Devices (Phone and Pad) and installed it again with an all new setup. In addition I loaded 1PW for OSX (Mavericks), which I didn't use before (App StoreVersion). Almost everything works perfectly well. But not iCloud Syncing!! Obviously the Data in the Cloud have not been deleted. Now whenever I want to enable iCloud Syncing on any of the Devices the app detects these Data and asks for my (old) MPW to merge the Data. Since I lost this MPW I cannot continue at this point. How can I restore iCloud Syncing? Stopping iCloud Syncing on all Devices (Settings and inApp) and starting it again didn't work. Can I delete Data in iCloud? Thanks a lot!


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    You can delete the old data from iCloud from the iCloud section of settings. Open that and choose the Manage Storage section. You'll find the 1Password data in the documents section. You can delete it there.

    This is for the iOS version, but your question suggests you might be working from a Mac. The iCloud options are found in System Preferences on your Mac. You can click on the Manage section there and do the same thing.

  • Thank you hawkmoth, had this problem also: I know my master password, but had briefly tried iCloud and whenever I installed 1Password on a new computer it reminded me there is some (outdated) data there. Not being an Apple-only user, I'm more used to file-based sync and had no idea how to manage iCloud data. 1Password should really add a shortcut to that System Preferences panel somewhere...

  • So, what happens when I've done those steps (went to preferences, iCloud in system settings, deleted the 1password data from iCloud) and I've also gone to each device iPhone, iPad and deleted iCloud data from those devices also... and it's STILL saying that there is existing data and is asking me for my previous MPW in order to proceed with merging (which I forgot)

    What step am I missing, or what else can I do?

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    Hi David,

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. Just to confirm — have you already completed all the steps listed here:

    If you've followed those steps and are still seeing the issue, could you please let me know what devices you use? (Do you use 1Password for Mac as well?)

    Thanks in advance for the additional info!

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