Syncing Error? :-/

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This is my third post in the hour, so I'm sorry about the pestering! :bz

Just noticed in the beta version for iOS (4.5b36) I am unable to sync to dropbox when I change an item! :(( (I may need to sync to the dropbox account...) but the good news is that the app itself stores the changes in its cached data, so it's not a 'OMG I HAVE TO DO THIS NOW! WHATEVER WILL I DO? OH GOODNESS, I NEED A GIN & TONIC LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!' moment (just yet!)...


Jacob Hill ;-)


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni

    Hi, @Jacob_Hill, thank you for the report. If you mean that once you have made changes to an item, there is no "sync now" option to trigger the sync, that's something our developers are looking into. That said, a trigger shouldn't be necessary, as changes should be picked up by Dropbox and synced to other computers and devices. If the problem is that changes are in fact not getting synced, that is also something our developers are investigating.

    So…if I understand you correctly, I think we've got you covered; please keep an eye out for improvements in upcoming betas. If I've misunderstood or missed something, just let me know and I'll look into it for you.


  • YES! You got me! Thank you so much!

  • I have the same issue with 4.5b36 not actually pushing changes and new cards to Dropbox.
    The sync history shows App thinks it has pushed to dropbox, but dropbox client on windows show that no changes have been made.

  • Yup! Thanks @rolfl

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