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Hi, the iOS 7 facelift looks like it might end up great, you've still got a lot of challenges ahead but your team is great and you will get there. There are a few thing I'd like to point out that looked great before.

For example the unlock animation looked better before, I preferred the unlock where both doors went to the sides (current version) instead of them going up and down (iOS 7 version).

On the other hand please please take away some of the white, my iPad looks like a kindle since iOS 7 was released, each and every app decided to take away all the skeumorphic and in the process take away all of the color, 1Password had great gradients of colors in the current version, why take it all away and just add white? (I know you've taken some of it away with the latest betas but still).

Finally it would also be awesome if in the 'Categories' section you had a search bar on the top and you could start searching without having to select the category and then search, it's one step less needed to search for a password.

I hope I have helped, 1Password is in my iPad, iPhone and Macs dock, which means it's in my top 4 apps!


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni

    Hi, @ssdeg7! Thank you for the kind words, it's so great to hear that 1Password holds such an honourable position in your screen layout. :D

    The search field thing has come up before, so while I can't make any promises, we at least know that our developers are thinking about it.

    UI appeal is such a subjective thing, and while our designer and developers have pretty clear ideas on the direction they'd like to take, it definitely helps to hear what works and doesn't work from our customers. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion with us!

  • Thanks for your reply Nik, I'm glad we're being heard. The latest beta looks nicer, I like the unlock animation. I have a new concern, will you be able to slide from left to right to go back to the previous section (as iOS 7 introduced?)

    Another enhancement that would be nice is to be able to change the name of Social Security Number to the local id name, for example here in Colombia it's called Cedula. On the other hand the credit cards section should also be Debit Card for example (both of this enhancements are not that important, it's just a small change that would be nice, and since you worry so much about small things than this could be important for you).

    I'll keep posting my ideas, maybe some might make it to the final version. Thanks again for this amazing app.

  • Great idea @ssdeg7 ! The 'swiping' between windows (like in iOS 7) would be a small but neat feature!

    Have fun AgileBits!

  • ethansissonethansisson Junior Member

    Swiping to go back works for me on pretty much every screen in the beta.

  • @ethansisson sorry I should have specified, it works on the iPhone but the iPad version doesn't have swipe to go back.

  • ethansissonethansisson Junior Member

    Ah yes. That makes sense now. :)

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