4.0.0b9 shows favorites username as old instead of new

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I've been changing my usernames across sites recently. I noticed when an item has been added as a favorite on the Android app, it seems to hang onto the old username (cached?), instead of showing the one it was changed to. Once you drill into the login, it shows the right username/pass there.

To reproduce:

  • Make a login a favorite
  • Change the username (I did mine on 1Password Mac, synced through Dropbox)
  • Open favorites in Android app
  • Favorites still shows old username (drilling into the details shows the right username)


  • saadsaad

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    Hey @dankim. I was able to reproduce this bug following your instructions. This is also the same case when viewing your list of Login Items. Thank you so much for reporting this bug, and for providing us with steps to reproduce it. I will inform our developers immediately.

    P.S. I moved this thread to Android Beta.

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