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This is the first time I'm using the product and I have to say it's bewildering. Possibly because it's a beta. Possibly because it's ported from iOS and is not yet following all Android design guidelines. the I was about to post all the things I found odd. But I saw some other threads that have already posted some of the problems I had. So I'll go over the those threads so I don't end up repeating everything's that's already brought up.

I didn't want to use DropBox syncing through the app. I clicked on the option, but saw that I had to provide you with an access to all my files and that's not happening. The way I use KeePass currently is I have the Keypass file in a folder in Dropbox and it gets synced with all my other devices.
My immediate issue is that since I chose not to use Dropbox, where is the file? I want to move it to a DropBox folder.

I don't see myself paying $50 for a Windows version, unless this app does something extraordinary on the mobile. I use LastPass on Firefox and the integration with the browser is awesome. Their Android app is exactly the reverse. It's clunky as hell and the browser integration is awful. I store all my banking and personal information in KeePass. Sensitive Files are stored in TrueCrypt. I intentionally keep the KeePass data separate from the browser logins simply because of the noise.

Browser integration with Keepass is very awkward ( but I haven't found anything better yet.

Is there a way for me to import my LastPass passwords into the Android app?


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    Hey @Milind! Thanks for your interest in 1Password. We have received a lot of feedback about the user interface, so please expect significant changes to the UI in upcoming beta updates.

    To sync 1Password with Dropbox, you will need a pre-existing data file (keychain) created by 1Password on Windows or Mac. At the moment, new data files cannot be initialized by 1Password Beta (Android) in Dropbox. It can only work with a pre-existing data file.

    If you would like to use Dropbox sync on your Android device you will need to create a data file on your Windows PC running 1Password. You can download our 30 day trial by following this link. It will accomplish what you need.

    After you have installed 1Password on Windows and created a new data file, you can follow this tutorial to set up Dropbox sync. Then, returning back to your Android device will allow you to set up sync with Dropbox. 1Password for Android will only read and write to the data folder you choose to set it up with.

    If you prefer not to use Dropbox sync, you will need to wait until more sync methods are implemented. Our developers are working on something special for an upcoming update.

    I should also mention this is still in beta, and it's a work-in-progress. There's going to be many more improvements and features implemented in the near future. Browser integration is something our developers are currently reviewing.

    As for your last question, data imports from services such as LastPass can only be done on a desktop version of 1Password (Mac or Windows).

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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