Sync iCloud in beta 37 -- Black loop of … death?

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Ok, maybe death is too strong a word and maybe iOS kids don't remember the BSoD…

I'm still having trouble with syncing. I have only been able to wifi sync since prior to the last update, b34.

Current sync screen

When I updated to b34, I think I deleted the old app then installed via hockeyapp link in email. I remember it checked icloud, because it wanted me to enter a previously used password to unlock. (Just before b33? stopped working I had changed the ios master password). Since then, sync has not worked through the cloud. I was able to sync through wifi and test some other stuff.

iCloud starts to search

As I reported here, iCloud shows a black box when it tries to sync. At one point it may have shown a battery indicator.

iCloud trying to sync

Note the screen sliding from the right. All black. And will remain all black.

If I click te Back button, it does go back to previous screen.


Then, the black screen slides back. If I leave this here the app eventually locks, and when I return it shows that no sync options have been enabled.

I've tried Dropbox sync. I had an old key file from Dec in Dropbox, selected it. This looked promising. But it, too, failed.

Dropbox screens

After staring at screen 1 for 90seconds I switched apps. After 5 min I came back. I unlocked 1p and was shown the second screen.

Screen 2

And, yes, I get the volatility of betas. Just reporting and my due diligence.



  • My experience with iCloud syncing has been identical up through β36.

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    @warr Ok, maybe death is too strong a word and maybe iOS kids don't remember the BSoD…

    You are seriously telling my age. ;)

    PS all you images are coming back 404

  • Sorry for the dead links. I was doing this on the phone and didn't realize dropbox doesn't give permanent links to images, but instead makes little pages. Boo.

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    The release notes for 4.5b37 include the following under known issues:

    [BUG] It is currently impossible to setup syncing via iCloud.

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    Glad to know it's a known issue. I'm having the same issue as well.

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    b39 includes many improvements across the board, including sync. Note that:

    [BUG] Sync settings do not migrate from existing 1Password 4 setups.

    You should, however, be able to set up iCloud sync now.

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