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Recently, using 1P to log into my FastMail webmail account on Safari started acting oddly -- I load my FastMail site ( and the login windoid opens. I select the login from the Safari 1P extension (I have autoload ON). 1P now pops up the "1Password Save Login" dialog, which it never used to do. I click "Not Now". I click "Login" on the FastMail windoid. And, once again, 1P pops up the "1Password Save Login" dialog. I click "Not Now" again. Finally, I'm logged in to my FastMail account. As I said, this is new behavior - perhaps post 10.9.2. Any advice most appreciated. Thank you.


  • sjksjk oversoul
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    Hi @HFTobeason, and fellow FastMail user. :)

    Is 1Password Save Login dialog reappearing like this every time you log in from the page? And is there any difference if you use the main page instead? You could try save a new Login manually after entering your Email and Password there:

    Which versions of 1Password and its Safari extension are you running?

    I'm sure we can figure out how to fix this misbehavior with your FastMail login. :)

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    Hmmm... Logging in from worked fine. And, once I "Saved New Login" from that page, my regular login page worked! I have no idea what just happened, but thank you!!!

  • sjksjk oversoul
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    That's great you've got it working now, @HFTobeason.

    I have a hunch what happened but maybe it's best just to be satisfied with your success. :)

    If you do have other issues please let us know. Enjoy your day!

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