Problem with Back button in IE with 1P extension installed

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Using IE 11 and Win 8.1 on two different computers, both exhibit the same behavior. With the 1Password browser extension enabled, pressing the "back arrow" will only go as far as the top level page for the current URL but won't go to a previous URL. For example, if I open a browser to my Google home page and then go to and then click on a link within that site and then click the back button, the nytimes home page will appear. If I click a second time (or a third etc.) the browser stays on the nytimes home page and doesn't return to the original (Google) page. When I disable the 1Password add-in, IE works as it should. Re-enabling the add-in and I get this same behavior where the back button works only to the home page of a given site and then gets "stuck" there.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I can't reproduce that problem in a random test of three bank sites (also using IE 11 in Windows 8.1). The only time I encountered what looked like a truncation of the back-button sequence was when one of the links opened the target page on a new tab (without my having noticed); otherwise, though, I went back across the three banks' pages by clicking on the Back button, as expected.

    If you can provide us a specific list of URLs and links to click, we'd love to try again to see the behavior you encountered.


  • I tested some more...this behavior occurs on both computers on any site...including this discussion forum...I can go to the top URL..BUT I discovered that this only happens when I arrive at a site via Google Search results ( is set as my home page). So in other words, I'm unable to use the back arrow to return to my Google search query once I've clicked on a search result link. When I disable 1Password extension, this no longer occurs and I can return to the search results.

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    Does clicking on the Google search result open the linked site in a new tab?

  • No. Clicking on the Google search result opens the linked site in the same tab. Are you able to replicate this behavior?

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I'm not, @barancig, as noted above. Sorry.

  • Hmm...well for me, there is definitely some interaction between the Google search results page, 1Password and IE11. And it occurs on both my office computer (configured by the IT dept there) and my home computer suggests it's not a total fluke. On the other hand, since I can't find anyone else reporting this issue, it seems it must be some pretty rare combination of installed software or settings I have on both machines. Not sure how I can further troubleshoot. The behavior is annoying although obviously not something that prevents me from using the computers.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I'm sorry that we're not able to reproduce the problem, here, @barancig.

    If you get any additional information that we might use in testing or troubleshooting, please let us know.

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