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Using 1PasswordAnywhere from a local file (i.e. file:/// rather than https://)

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Hi All,

I guess this is a right place for yet another topic on 1PasswordEverywhere as it seems to be a "things which don't belong elsewhere".

I'm trying to use it. The purpose is to offer a solution on Linux (yes, one more, add my vote).
I follow the procedure written there http://help.agilebits.com/1Password3/1passwordanywhere.html
and I face the trouble described here http://help.agilebits.com/1Password3/1passwordanywhere_troubleshooting.html

But I can not have it working. I'm trying on a Mac and Linux, with Safari and Firefox.
Sync via Dropbox. The sync is completed everywhere.
I open the file ~/Dropbox/Applications/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain/1Password.html
It complains that "A key data file could not be loaded and... etc." or "A problem occurred when load the file... etc.". Though the file ~/Dropbox/Applications/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain/data/default/encryptionKeys.js is perfectly readable and does not raise to any error when I load it.

What's wrong?
Did I miss anything?

Thankx for your help.
-- Laurent


  • khadkhad
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    Hi @lch,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    It sounds like you might be trying to open 1PasswordAnywhere via your local file system. A while back, browsers started tightening up their security and restricting file access when loading things locally (i.e. file:/// vs. https://). There are a few different ways to work around this depending on which browser you are using. Although, the simplest solution is just to load 1PasswordAnywhere from the web to completely avoid any local file restrictions.

    You can access 1PasswordAnywhere via the Dropbox website like this:

    1. Log into the Dropbox website: https://dropbox.com
    2. Open the 1Password.html file inside 1Password.agilekeychain.
    3. Enter your master password to unlock 1PasswordAnywhere.

    If you need to use 1PasswordAnywhere from your local filesystem for some reason, please read on.


    You can get around local file restrictions in Safari by selecting Develop > Disable Local File Restrictions from the menu bar. (You will need to enable the Develop menu first if you haven't already. This is done by checking the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar" on the Advanced pane in Safari's preference.)


    If you need offline access to 1PasswordAnywhere you will need to modify Chrome’s settings by adding this command line option when launching Chrome (note the two dashes at the beginning): --allow-file-access-from-files


    At this time, we are not aware of a way to work around local file restrictions in Firefox. Please use one of the other solutions above.


    At this time, we are not aware of a way to work around local file restrictions in Opera. Please use one of the other solutions above.

    If you're still having trouble, can you tell me exactly which browser you are using and what the URL is that is shown in the address bar?

  • lchlch
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    Ok. Got it. It indeed fixed my problem. Thank you.
    I'm still a bit uncomfortable using a password manager from online "application", even if the file is supposed to be only mine. Though it may help when lost in the desert with no Mac and no iPhone... oh we still need the net. So it won't help much in the desert... ;-)
    Thank you for your efficient support

  • khadkhad
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    Haha! Happy to help. If you ever find yourself in the desert you may have more immediate concerns like food and water. But if you manage to get an Internet connection and need any further help, please let me know. I am always here for you. :)

  • RichardPayneRichardPayne
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    I know a few people for whom high speed internet access is a more pressing concern than food or water. ;)

  • benfdcbenfdc
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    Is there a solution to the "local file" restriction for Opera?

  • khadkhad
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    I know a few people for whom high speed internet access is a more pressing concern than food or water.

    Ha! I can understand that. :P

    I've updated my post above to include Opera.

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