Are items shared between vaults shared or copied?


  • I'd like to be able to share some logins from my primary vault with my spouse.
  • I've tried to do this using a new shared vault, synced via Dropbox.
  • I 'share' the login from the primary vault with the shared vault.
  • The shared login now appears in both vaults. All good so far.
  • The problem: The login appears to be copied, not shared - the information now exists in two places -- if I change it in my primary vault, it does not update automatically in the shared vault.

Is this correct? Thanks for your help,



  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @grendl,

    That's correct, "sharing" an item to another vault will not keep that item in sync across vaults.

    Our developers are working on making multiple vaults as user-friendly as possible, but we don't have any specific improvements to announce at this time.

  • Thanks @JasperP‌ -- I appreciate your help. FWIW -- although I absolutely love 1P, this behavior makes a 'shared' logins/vaults not useful for me -- I'd rather the information not exist in more than one database. Do you have any other suggestions, given the use case in my OP, how I might accomplish this using 1P? Thanks again -- Grendl.

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @grendl,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it along to the developers.

    I'm not sure if it would be helpful in your case, but you and your spouse could share the same primary vault and just use folders to separate your logins within a single vault.

  • ag00836ag00836 Junior Member

    I'm trying to figure out this same thing and was wondering the difference between Share - Copy or Share - Move. I can find no mention in the documentation about this difference. And I was, like Grendl, hoping that Share - Copy from a primary vault to a shared/synced 2nd vault would keep both logins synced. I was hoping this functionality would allow me to access the same login in my primary vault and keep it sync'ed with the "copied" login in the 2nd vault.

    Maybe moving the "copy" option out from under the Share menu would avoid confusion for me, e.g. I'm not creating a "shared" copy, it's just a copy with no link to the original.

    If I Share - Move the login to the shared vault will that resolve the situation? Except you would need to log into the 2nd shared vault in order to access the "moved" logins correct?

    Thanks Alex.

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @ag00836,

    Share > Copy will create a copy of the item in the other vault, and leave the existing item in your current vault.

    Share > Move will the item out of your current vault and into the other vault.

  • eviltimmyeviltimmy
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    Agree with grndl. I wanted exact same scenario: share with spouse, keep items in sync. I realize it may be difficult to code, but that's really what I imagined when I heard about shared vaults. It's currently not really a shared vault, it's just a copied vault :(

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @eviltimmy,

    Thanks for adding your feedback here! I will pass it along to the developers. We do hope to improve multiple vaults in the future. :)

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