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i would like to know what is stopping Opera to have his own extension, since all major browsers have?
It is Opera that does not support the extension or Agilebits that don't develop the extension?
i would like so much to set Opera as my default browser but what stops me is 1 password extension, which is vital for me
thanks a lot


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  • Good news, I sure hope so!

    FWIW it's definitely possible. Opera and Chrome's extension kits are very similar. I offered to make an Opera extension for the 1Password guys about a year ago, but they went deadly silent...

  • The great news is that 1Password 4 for Mac will be adding Opera support. We are getting ready for the release, but if you are wanting to start testing now, please feel free to come join our Beta!

  • I just ran Opera and 1Password mini wanted to install the extension, but no dice.

    The download for Opera offered at https://agilebits.com/browsers/index.html brings down a .crx file which isn't recognised by anything on my system.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Grum,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having difficulties getting the extension installed on Opera. Let's try installing again via 1Password Mini:

    • Open Opera
    • Click on 1Password Mini - unlock if necessary
    • Click on 'Add Opera Extension'
    • Press the big green button on the window that appears
    • Once the download completes, you should see an alert indicating that the extension was disabled
    • Choose Window > Extensions from the menu bar and enable to 1Password extension by clicking "Install"

    If you run into any snags in the process, please let me know :)

  • I am also not having any luck with the Opera browser extension. I followed your instructions but the Big Green Button is the download for Safari and when I click the download button for Opera, it is a .crx file which opens Chrome. I downloaded all of the extensions and none of them trigger an alert in Opera. This is the page I am downloading from: https://agilebits.com/browsers/index.html

    Any tips?

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @jmadlung,

    You're downloading from the right spot. Try this:

    • In Opera, go to Window > Extensions
    • Open a Finder window to your downloads folder (or wherever your .crx file is)
    • Drag the .crx file into the Extensions pane in Opera.

    This should get you all sorted out :)

  • knight777knight777 Junior Member

    @All Opera users... Please note that Opera is not supported (at least not that I can tell). It's Opera Next that is supported. They aren't the same thing.

    To get Opera Next, go here:


    Apparently Opera Next supports Chrome Extensions in general, which is why when I downloaded in the "old Opera" it kept asking me to Open the "1Password Opera Extension" in Chrome.

    Once you have Opera Next installed, just drag the 1Password 4 Opera Extension into the browser window and it will install.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @knight777,

    I currently have the 1Password extension installed on Opera v.17, and it's working fine for me here :) If you'd like some assistance getting 1Password working with Opera, please let me know where you're running into trouble, and I'll help you get sorted out!

  • I had the same problem with Opera 12.16 on the Mac (latest version). After reading knight777's post, I downloaded Opera Next, latest version being v17. Megan, the menu options you mention don't exist in Opera 12 for the Mac, there is no Extensions option under Window. There is in Opera Next. Surely you are actually referring to Opera Next and not Opera? Are you using Windows or Mac? Opera 12 uses the red 'O' and Opera Next 17 uses the grey 'O' icon. I think it would be a good idea to change the 1P extensions download page to mention Opera Next and/or change the Opera icon from red to grey to make it clearer if I'm not mistaken above.

  • Update - it would seem that Opera auto-update is the issue here. If you had Opera 12 and updated it, it would only ever update to version 12.16. However, to actually run Opera 17, you need to go to the Opera web site and download it. Then following the normal install procedure on the 1P Extension page as per the other browsers. I am not talking about Opera Next 17, but this also works as I found, albeit Opera Next doesn't have a data import feature (for bookmarks) so I ditched it for Opera 17 when I realised I could download this.

    Something weird happened here when logging in with G+, Opera 17 kept crashing everytime, but didn't happen with Safari. I reset my password and it seems fixed (?)

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @PliSsK,

    Thanks for doing the research there! I'll admit, I am a new Opera user (in that I downloaded it recently for the express purpose of testing the 1Password extension) so that would explain why I'm seeing something different than some of the more regular users. :)

    @Grum and @jmadlung, if you're still having difficulties with the Opera extension, please try downloading the newest version of Opera here: http://www.opera.com/

  • It is worth noting that the Mac AppStore version of Opera is not compatible to Chrome extensions, too. Only way to make it work is switching to Opera Next as stated above.

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    Hi @alexschomb,

    Thanks for clarifying that here :) It seems like direct-download is the way to go.

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    Please also be sure that you are using 1Password 4 for Mac. This is the 1Password 3 Extensions category, but the Chrome extension is not compatible with 1Password 3. If you're still having trouble with the Chrome extension but are using 1Password 4, could you post in the 1Password 4 category?

    We're happy to follow up there. :)

  • Is there any update on the Opera extension coming to fruition? I am using a windows PC, so the Mac versions won't work for me.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @aneurysm‌

    I see that you've found the Windows beta forum discussion that discusses the Opera extension! I'm glad you found the answer to your question. :)

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