Question 1PW on Ipad only requires master psw once

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I have 1PW on the Ipod. I've set it up so it requires
a. an unlock code on entry to 1PSW
b. master psw again to see each specific entry

Does the 1PW IPad version have the same level of security? I particularly like the authentication challenge option for each entry, as I feel this provides additional security
Can this be done on the Ipad? or is there just one authentication, and then you're in?


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    On iPhone items can be protected by either 4-digit code or Master Password.

    1Password for iPad is similar to the Mac or Windows application. It only uses Master Password.
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    Hi Brett,

    The 4-digit unlock code isn't so much about extra security on the iPhone/iPod version; it allows you do make some use of the app without having to type in your master password all the time. Typing a password on the iPhone/iPad is a bit more cumbersome than it is on the iPad or an a Mac or PC. The 4-digit unlock code is designed to allow you to get a little way into your data without having to type the full password.

    Note also that until app switching comes to the iPad (Apple says, "November") the data have to lock when you close the app on the iPad. This is for security reasons. Once iOS 4 comes to the iPad, there may be some use for having both an unlock code and master password, but we will have to experiment with when we have the opportunity.

    I hope that this clarifies what the unlock code is for on the iPhone and iPod. We would love to hear your ideas of whether something like this would be useful on the iPad once iOS 4.2 becomes available.


  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator
    There have been many requests for different security levels. I thought that was partly provided on the iPod/iPhone by the numeric unlock and master password. Of course, the four digit code is global, and the password has to be used per entry, but I still find it convenient.
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    Thanks for adding your voice, danco! :-)
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