found a few issues with b16

edited April 2014 in Android Beta

**web browser zooming is no longer working: **
it was working up until b15 but with this b16 pinching to zoom in and out does not work anymore on my nexus 7 tablet.

**key icon next to the url in the web browser is difficult to tap: **
it's pretty difficult to properly tap the key to get the passwords to pop up even on a tablet device. probably would be a good idea to increase the size.

**auto sync is not working as it should: **
i open up 1p android, go back to the home screen. then i edit a login using my desktop. wait a few minutes. i come back to 1p-android. do a quick unlock. and nothing happens. the edit i made on my desktop does not get synced to my tablet unless i manually initiate a sync using the button.

other than that, i love it ;-)

keep up the great work!!!


  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    Hi Damith,

    Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. It seems that in the process of making improvements to the browsing experience in 1Password, we inadvertently disabled zoom gestures in the 1Password browser. Sorry for the inconvenience! You can expect this to be fixed shortly. Along with that fix, we will also be increasing the size of the tap targets of the buttons in the browser.

    As far as auto sync goes, I can appreciate that you want changes on your desktop to automatically sync back to your Android device. I will pass on your feedback and suggest that our development team make some improvements in this area. Thanks for your suggestions and your support!

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