So you're releasing without google drive support?

Prepare for many 1 star ratings, i can't speak for everyone but i'd think a large percentage who use android also use google drive.

You won't be seeing a cent of my money until this feature is added.


  • Places for retrievable data are as selective as buying a phone. When choices are limited, buyers go elsewhere. While I don't use Google Drive, I can certainly understand those who must give up what they see as a best solution for storage and data security, and do not want an app provider making that choice for them.

  • Coming recently from iOS and always using Dropbox for this app I don't have a problem with continuing. However, I do see a lot of reviews of other apps complaining of just this type of thing. I guess it depends on what ecosystem you use. I still have other iOS devices so it is not an issue for me.

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    I can definitely appreciate your desire for Google Drive support. This is something that we have received a number of requests for and those requests are not falling on deaf ears. There are a number of features that we want to implement, however not all of them will be ready by release time.

    Release doesn't mean the end of the road for features though. We have already started a roadmap for features that we plan to add in subsequent updates. If the feature that you are waiting for (for example, Google Drive support) is not available at release, I would encourage you to continue providing us with feedback and stay tuned for future updates that bring new features.

  • Hey there - what's the latest with Google Drive? What's causing the hold up? Looking at your forum you've been working on it for over a year. Do you need help with connecting to the right person at Google? If so, let me know as I work there and can help with a connection if that's what's needed. I think everyone is really starting to feel frustrated with the "It's coming, we hear you lines".

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    For people who want Drive support, can't you manually copy the data files onto drive, then point 1password to the datafile using the local file sync feature? Surely that will work, as I am doing precisely this with DS Cloud with my Synology NAS and it works beautifully between my OSX laptop and my Android phone.

    As for the 1-star review comment earlier, that almost sounds like a threat, which is unwarranted. The self-entitled 1-star whingers are just that: self-entitled whingers. If an app is not advertised as having Drive support, you have no place rating the app 1-star for that reason alone. Period. The trouble with play store's ratings system is that it doesn't serve it's purpose when people just use it as a childish outlet to complain and most users don't realise that in the process of posting a 1-star review, they are quite likely cutting off their own noses to spite their face as that will hardly motivate the developer to provide that feature (which is almost always the intention as it's used as a form of threat, and you can already see it used in that context by the OP). I also see that in my own experiences most people who post those 1-star reviews, often never return to remove/re-rate if/when their comments have been resolved via an update.

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