Multiple iCloud accounts [iOS does not at the moment support multiple concurrent iCloud accounts]

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I sure do have a habit of making more work for you guys. :D

I have a setup in which I have multiple iCloud accounts. One for myself, and one for my business. If 1Password data is going to be synched with iCloud, which iCloud account is it going to use? It didn't look like it was giving me the opportunity to pick one, so I assume it was using the first. Since it is possible to have multiple iCloud accounts registered on an iOS device, you ought to be able to pick one just like you do for Dropbox. If that's not actually doable (the iCloud sync API is something I've never looked at), it'd probably be a good idea to somehow inform the user which one is being used so they aren't confused about that.

I hope I'm making sense here.


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    Hi @tjcarter,

    At the moment for iOS, there is no way to selectively pick which your iCloud account to be used for each iOS app. It is a one-for-all type of setup and you establish which account for all iOS apps to use in the Settings app > iCloud. If you delete the account and switch it, then all iOS apps will switch over to this new iCloud account.

    I'm not sure what you're doing to believe there is the ability to let you use multiple iCloud accounts at once but it isn't possible right now. You can switch AppleID accounts for App Store purchases and mail accounts, and so on, but it does not mean it is switching your iCloud storage on the device. It will continue to sync the data accordingly based on the account connected in Settings > iCloud.

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    Currently I'm adding multiple accounts of type iCloud for purposes of mail and whatnot—I know some families do that for app store purchases spread across as many as five devices (probably a technical no-no… Mine is primarily for accounting simplification purposes.)

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    Hi @tjcarter,

    Yep, many families do that. Hopefully, in a future iOS version (maybe they'll announce this next Monday at WWDC for 8th version), Apple will let us pick which iCloud sync account to use for each app.

    They might not ever do this because it complicates the whole experience. I'd imagine that they'd rather support multiple accounts on the iOS devices than offer this feature.

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