Would it be possible to include / link to release notes from the in-app help? [Yes, we'll try]

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On betas, I like to review the release notes when I'm in the app and have some time to poke at things. Although that's the most useful part for me, it also might be nice to have for the production releases if you are keen to keep that updated and in one place.

Would it be possible to link to them (or include them in the build) both for beta and release versions?

Say in Settings - Help - Under and adjacent to Quick Tour / User Guide and above Contact Us?


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    Hi @bmike,

    We hope to use the same changelog system we use for the Mac and Windows apps here. It'd be nice to include iOS and Android apps there as well.

    For now, if you're logged into Hockeyapp, you should be able to view the entire history of changelog for the iOS app here.

    I think we can link to this once we set it up there first.

  • That is great. As always, your support of users / beta testers is superb and the best I've seen anywhere.

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    Hi @bmike,

    Wow, thank you for that feedback, that's what we're striving for, and it's awesome to hear that from customers!

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