VoiceOver Accessibility Issues


Upon opening 1 Password on an iOS device for the first time, the Welcome Screen provides two options from which the user may select. While VoiceOver correctly reads the text of these two choices, they are not properly labeled as buttons. As a consequence, a blind or low vision user would not be alerted to the fact that he/she only need select and double-tap either of them to proceed to the next step in the setup process.



  • Upon selecting “I am a New User”:
    There is both a Back and Forward button on the Quick Tour screens but they are not properly labeled for VoiceOver.
    The standard 3-Finger Swipe Left and Swipe Right VoiceOver gestures (used to move from one display screen to another) do not work.

  • There is VoiceOver screen bleed-through on Quick Tour Screens 7 and 8. This means that what the blind or low vision user is hearing is not what is currently being displayed.

    Not only is this extremely confusing, it prevents the blind or low vision user from successfully logging into the app for the first time using the Master Password.

    It took me 5 attempts and 5 restarts of the app before I realized this problem. Until I figured it out, I kept getting login errors. This is a major VoiceOver bug.

  • Once inside the App, there are 5 buttons located at the bottom of the display screen. The right-most button (for the web browser) is not properly labeled for VoiceOver.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thank you so much for all this great feedback, Mark! I'll be sure we have them entered into our bug database.

  • Hello,

    I just downloaded the latest beta version of 1 Password and I am delighted to report that all of the VoiceOver bugs I have reported thus far have been resolved.

    Before downloading this latest version, I completely removed the previous beta in order to test the 1 Password Startup/Introduction portion of the app. VoiceOver now works perfectly with all eight Startup screens that are in use when one selects the “I am a new user” option.

    Upon opening the app after completing the setup process, I also noticed that all of the buttons located at the bottom of the display screen are now properly labeled.

    Thank you so much for resolving these issues.


  • In the latest beta, there are several serious VoiceOver bugs that need to be addressed ASAP. They are as follows:

    The “Add” button located in the upper right side of the display, which is used to add items such as credit cards, is not properly labeled. When VoiceOver focus is placed on this button, VoiceOver should say, “Add, Button.”

    Some item entry edit fields are currently not VoiceOver accessible, such as Card Holder Name. To re-create this bug, do the following:

    Make sure VoiceOver is enabled.

    Upon entering the app, select the Categories Tab located at the bottom of the display.

    Select the Add (currently not correctly labeled) button located near the upper right corner of the display.

    Select Credit Card from the items list.

    The first edit field, labeled “Credit Card, works perfectly with VoiceOver. So, enter the name of the credit card. Unfortunately, the first edit field is the only one that is currently VoiceOver accessible.

    Attempt to enter text into any of the remaining text entry fields such as “Card Holder Name”, and when the blind or low vision user enters text on the on-screen keyboard, even though the selected characters are being displayed, Voiceover returns the error entry sound. This means that VoiceOver users have no idea that they are successfully entering text nor can they read the already entered characters.


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    Hi @markmarcus,

    First, huge thanks for reporting these bugs and for confirming the original bugs were fixed. We need to always remember to check VoiceOver every time we do a major redesign like in the 4.5 update. I apologize that you and other folks had to go through that experience.

    I've filed a bug report about the add button and to make sure all field names are labeled and accessible by VoiceOver. We'll get those fixed as soon as possible.

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