Unable to set up Dropbox sync on iPhone, Password error

I'm trying to sync using Dropbox between my Mac and iPhone. I have set the sync up for the Mac and it seems to run fine. When I try to set up on the iPhone it does not seem to recognize that I have the Dropbox app installed and it takes me through the setup steps that are shown in the support article for users who do not have Dropbox installed on their device. When I get to the screen where you enter your Dropbox email and password I always get the message "Login failed. Please make sure email and password are correct. Error: (null)

I have tried changing my Dropbox password and I have also deleted and reinstalled both the Dropbox app and the 1Password app from my iPhone. I've tried all of this many times, but no luck. ????

Also when 1Password times out on my iPhone and it asks for me to re-enter my unlock code, after I re-enter the code the screen turns black and 1Password locks up. I have to close the 1Password app and re-launch it to get it to respond.



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