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Have you guys seen ?

Having a custom 1Password keyboard that users could quickly flip into to access parts of identities or memberships card numbers. Anything really I guess would be amazing.

Just imagine writing an email and you needed to send out your reward card number. You could flip to the 1Password keyboard, (which I guess would show a pin code screen at first) enter the pin, find the reward card, tap the number and it would auto paste it into the current new email.

Any thoughts?



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    Hi @rctneil,

    Yep and there is also the TextExpander keyboard here:

    That is an area we're excited about experimenting in but it has to be after we finish with the main Safari and third party app extensions, the one responsible for the filling of your Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities.

    After that, who knows what we can do with other iOS 8 features like the keyboard and possibly more extensions in the future.

    It's an exciting time for the iOS developers.

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