Password Generator cannot easily be cancelled

Version 3.5.0.BETA-7 (build 30785)
Chrome Extension - Version:

When entering the password generator in the new (awesome!) Chrome extension, it takes about 2-4 clicks on 'Cancel' to quit it.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Enter password generator on any site.
2. Click 'Cancel' to quit.
3. Repeat clicking 'Cancel' until password generator quits.

on this website it took me 4 clicks, on facebook and twitter about 2-3.


  • Dan OrtegoDan Ortego Senior Member
    edited October 2010
    Re: Version 3.5.0.BETA-7 (build 30785)
    I just downloaded the 'new' update containing the totally new Google interface. When I cycled through the new menu options, I noticed that I can not cancel the 'Generator' password window. Clicking on 'cancel' simply generates a new password. The only way to kill the window is to quit the Google browser. Yes, I tried it many times.

    UPDATE: Ok, I just noticed that subsequent clicking on the cancel button within the GENERATOR window also changes to various Google associated web sites (29 in my case) and eventually 'cancels' and closes the GENERATOR window. Apparently, 1P is trying to post random passwords to these abstract (associated) Google linked web sites. Mind you, I'm not actually being sent to these various websites, it's all happening within the Generator window itself.

    For now, I think that if you’re not actually in a new website and need the Generator, then don't invoke the selection. I was simply viewing the new options with the Google interface and discovered this behavior. I still think it's a minor bug that needs to be corrected.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Thanks for pointing this out. It appears that the Strong Password Generator wants to "hang on" until it fills in a password. When invoked outside of an input box, it can take a bit to cancel it. I have filed this in our internal track. We will address this in a future update.

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