Suggestion: Allow Direct Attachment Scanning

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I had a document I wanted to attach to a Note and was surprised to find that I could not scan the document directly into 1Password. This would eliminate having to do a scan first then import the scanned document into 1Password and then delete the scanned document from your hard drive.


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    Hi coachbb94,

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    Scanning software is pretty advanced and amazing in its own right these days. At the moment, we are trying to focus on making 1Password the best password manager it can be. We do not currently have plans to include advanced scanning and document management features beyond file attachments. Like your e-mail client, you will need to already have the type of file you wish to attach. There are some really great document management apps for the Mac that you could use in conjunction with our Knox app if you need to do a lot of scanning with secure storage.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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