Why is 1Password automatically backing up to iCloud Drive without my knowledge or permission?

After I upgraded to iOS 8 i noticed after-the-fact that 1password was set to automatically backup on iCloud Drive.

I confirmed this by discovering 1Password files created on the iCloud Drive.

Does this mean my 1Password was automatically uploaded to iCloud without my knowledge or permission?

Why did this occur?

Who decided that my passwords are now shared with iCloud/Apple?

I never would have ever authorized that because I am not one of your customers who are psyched about syncing and backing up via iCloud Drive.

Please explain this.


  • I don't think there's any setting within 1P5 that could require 1P5 to backup to iCloud Drive, so the backup has either been set somewhere outside the app or you're actually seeing something different. I'm wondering if it's possible you were experimenting with sync settings any time and inadvertently set 1P5 to sync using iCloud Drive? In other words, what you're seeing is not a backup, but a sync'd version of your 1P data.


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    Hi @ShaneKeller‌,

    That doesn't sound right, 1Password 5 and CloudKit sync we use has nothing to do with iCloud Drive, they're entirely different systems. You can't access your CloudKit data directly without 1Password.

    In addition, 1Password doesn't have any cloud backups, it only create backups via iTunes after you manually request it in Settings > Advanced.

    Plus, there's no option to let us sync using iCloud Drive. The iCloud sync we're using in 1Password 5 for iOS is called CloudKit, it's a backend service that Apple provides for its developers and it is not compatible with iCloud Drive.

    With that in mind, can you take screenshots of how 1Password files are showing up in iCloud Drive, it might help us see what's going on. There are automatic processes that Apple does when someone chooses to upgrade to iCloud Drive and one of that automatic process is migrating all of the app's iCloud data from the previous iCloud storage into the new iCloud Drive. That might be what you're seeing, a previous copy of 1Password data on iCloud moved to iCloud Drive. In this case, it wouldn't us doing this, it's Apple doing this.


  • Hi @Stephen_C‌ and @MikeT‌,

    Using an App Called "Cloud Mate" I found in a hidden folder on iCloud Drive called: ****agilebits-onepassword/Documents. I also found it manually too.

    When I upgraded to iOS8 this folder appeared in iCloud Drive both in the Cloud and on my Hard drive.

    Also, after I upgraded to iOS8, 1Password (by default) was enabled (turned on) to automatically back-up on iCloud Drive. I was not given the option to enable it first. It just appeared as enabled under Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive on both of my iPhones after the upgrade to iOS 8. I never synced via iCloud in the past so there should be no migrated of 1password data.

    Does this help?


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    Hi @ShaneKeller,

    Thanks for providing that extra information for us! As @MikeT suggests, I'd love to see screenshots of where you are seeing this data, including the setting where 1Password is automatically backed up on iCloud Drive. It will help us to better track this down. I have not yet upgraded to iCloud Drive on my devices, and I can't find any setting in 1Password or in iCloud that would automatically back up my 1Password data.

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    I thought iCloud Drive wasn't even activated until OS Yosemite (10.10) comes out? And I looked at http://www.rwe-uk.com/app/cloud-mate and it doesn't say anything about being able to see "hidden folders"?

  • @Megan‌ @MikeT‌ @Stephen_C‌ @jp28md‌,

    I have Yosemite Beta 2 & Beta 3 installed in two computers. I also have iCloud Drive setup and enabled, which I have been actively using for over a month.

    @jp28md‌ Cloud-Mate does in fact show hidden folders for iCloud Drive. That is how I came to use the program as it was shown on a Tech News site to be an App that helps show iCloud Drive files being synced on both your MAC and on your iOS devices.

    @Megan‌ I used Instagram to show you 1Password being automatically enabled to backup in iCloud upon setting iCloud Drive on iOS8.

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    I'll let agilebits take over from here. But it still doesn't show us whats in the hidden folder on iCloud Drive called: ****agilebits-onepassword/Documents.
    I personally can not reproduce this with my settings.

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    If you don't want to have things synced to iCloud Drive, just turn them off. As for how it was turned on, that was the default position for everything when I activated my iPhone 6 and it was the very first setting I changed after activating. The only thing I have on in iCloud is Find My iPhone.

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    Thanks for the update @romad‌.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @ShaneKeller,

    I've spoken with one of our technical gurus about this. Because I don't yet have iCloud Drive enabled on my own devices, I'm not able to see what you see.

    However, I think we've got this sorted out.

    The pane that you showed the screenshot of is showing apps that are allowed to store data in iCloud Drive. If you read the statement below the iCloud Drive switch, it says "Allow apps to store documents and data in iCloud." When this is enabled, the iOS will create a 'container' for 1Password's files within iCloud Drive. This does not mean that 1Password is syncing to that container, it simply has to be created before the application can use it and to do that iOS handles it. Your data will not be stored in iCloud unless you enable iCloud sync in 1Password's settings.

    I hope this helps to explain things, but if you do have any further questions, we're here to help!

  • Thank you @Megan‌,

    You are very helpful and that does explain things :)

    Because iCloud Drive /iOS8 does by default automatically enables all apps with iCloud Drive capabilities (As noted under iCloud Drive in iOS8: "Allow apps to store documents and data in iCloud") it is confusing. This is a communications gap in iOS8's iCloud Drive feature that Apple could have described better.

    Because password protection is a sensitive feature, may I suggest a communication goes out to 1Password users who have upgraded to iOS8 around iCloud Drive being enabled by default so they understand that their data will not be synced with iCloud unless they opt to do so under 1password sync settings?

    Have a great day!


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    We appreciate the suggestion. Thanks!

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