Best option for Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad

Hi there - I am running a Mac (OS=Yosomite) with Boot Camp running Windows 7. I also have an iPad and iPhone. Looking for the best solution to cross all of this.

  • Can I buy a single license to do this? I notice there is a bundle - will this cater for all devices?
  • What version of 1Password software should I be running?
  • Is it additional cost for iPhone and iPad also?

Many thanks!


  • There is indeed a bundle for Mac and Windows t the AgileBits web store, as you have discovered. That's your best bet for users of both of those platforms. Do be aware that if you were to wish to sync via iCloud, you must buy the Mac version from the Mac App Store, though. In your case, you'd be shut out of iCloud syncing anyway, because it isn't available to Windows.

    You do also need the get the iOS version from the iTunes App Store. It's a universal application, so it will work on your iPhone and iPad, as long as both use the same Apple ID for purchases. That version is free for the basic features, which may serve your needs. There is an in-app purchase option to unlock more advanced Pro features.

    Perhaps the easiest way to understand your license need is that 1Password is sold on a per platform basis. You need a separate license for each operating system you use. But you are free to install each licens on as many devices of the same platform as you use yourself.

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    Hi @TraceyB,

    I hope that @hawkmoth's post has helped you out here - his information is correct. :)

    The Mac+Windows bundle from our website is a great way to get 1Password on both your desktop operating systems, however, iCloud sync is only available from the Mac App Store version of 1Password, which we aren't able to offer in a bundle (due to App Store regulations.) If you would like to purchase 1Password for Mac from the the Mac App Store, we can hook you up with a coupon to give you a bit of a discount on the Windows license (which is only available through our store) so that you can essentially get the bundle discount price.

    You can snag 1Password 5 for iOS in the iOS App Store.

    If you have any further questions, we're here to help!

  • Thanks guys....

    Sorry still a tad confused. Maybe if you could add cost to the response that would help.

    Here's my understanding:
    Mac and Windows laptop = Bundle from agilebits site = $69.95
    iPhone/iPad = purchase from App Store = $? (is this free if purchasing above bundle?)

    I am not using iCloud, I am syncing via Dropbox - does this change things?

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    iPhone/iPad = purchase from App Store = $? (is this free if purchasing above bundle?)

    The licenses are sold on a per platform basis, so No, the iOS version is not free if you purchase the Mac + Windows bundle from AgileBits. The most recent version of the iOS application is, however, free to everyone in its basic form. It will require an in-app purchase to unlock the more advanced Pro features. Some users will find the free version sufficient for their needs. If you decide to purchase the Pro features, you will be able to use them on all of your iOS devices, as long as they all share the same Apple ID for purchases.

    I am not using iCloud, I am syncing via Dropbox - does this change things?

    I don't know what it would change. If you were to want to use iCloud for syncing, there would be two things to remember. The Mac version will only be able to use iCloud if you purchase directly from the Mac App Store. The version that comes directly from AgileBits cannot use iCloud. But, Windows is also precluded from using iCloud for syncing, so your only choice in that case is to use Dropbox. Since you say that is what you are already doing, nothing changes for you.

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    Thanks for the assist, @hawkmoth‌


    1Password for iOS is free in the App Store but there is an in-app purchase (separate from any other purchase, as hawkmoth mentioned) to unlock "Pro" features.

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