Navigation on the iPhone 6 Plus [Will improve in a future update]

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Great job on the update for the 6/6 Plus, looking really good so far. One thing I noticed is that when you view an attachment you can only dismiss it by tapping the Done button in the top left when previously you could swipe right to go back. I think using swipe to go back is much more comfortable as the top left is difficult to reach.

Also you might remember I mentioned sloppy swiping a few months ago and I think this makes even more sense on the larger phones where it is not so easy to edge swipe to go back.


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    Hi @gregspeechley‌,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I can see how that might be a problem when the Done button is all the way on the top on a big screen. We are working on optimizing the interface with this issue in mind.

    I'll file an improvement request to add the ability to dismiss it easily within reach by swiping it to go backward.

    Stay tuned for more improvements to come for the 1Password interface on iPhone 6+. :D

  • I see that the method for dismissing attachments is still the Done button in the top left corner, is this still under review?

    Also what is the status of landscape view on the 6+?

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    Hi @gregspeechley‌

    Thanks for checking in on us! I don't have any updates for you at this time, but that doesn't mean we're not working on this. I'd be happy to remind our developers that you're keen on seeing some changes here.

    ref: OPI-1785

    ref: OPI-1778

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