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Hi, I am getting my head around the family license and wanted to confirm something: do I need at any point to set up another user within the family license? I neither want to see passwords from other family members nor to have them get access to mine. Or is it sufficient to simply never sync the accounts, since the data is stored locally and other family members would need to either get the file off my HD or via DropBox in order to see mine? In that case, it's not separating family users that's "difficult," but sharing between them (which is what shared vaults would be for).

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    I think you understand this correctly. The current single user license from AgileBits permits you to install the software on the Macs of up to six family members in the same household. If you buy from the Mac App Store, the software is eligible for Family Sharing, which has the same terms - install for as many as six family members in the same household who are members of the family group, which you would need to set up before your other family members could download their own copies. (The family license from AgileBits was discontinued when version 5 came out and replaced by the terms for the single user license I just described.)

    Once downloaded, each family member indeed can use the software completely independently of any others. And, as you note, vault sharing is something to be implemented if you do want to share data. You should note that you won't be able to share vaults if you use iCloud for sharing, unless everyone is logged into iCloud under the same Apple ID. You can share without such restrictions if you use Dropbox instead. Also, for the moment at least, multiple vault syncing is not available with iCloud.

    Hope those comments help. Post back if you have more questions or if I've been unclear.

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    Thanks @hawkmoth! :)

    @Scottro, I hope the information from hawkmoth is helpful! If you have more questions about that, please let us know.

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