Gmail 2-step Verification Backup Codes & 1Pass

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What would be the most efficient approach when using Gmail's Verification Backup Codes and 1Pass?

I have downloaded 10 gmail backup codes to my computer and have stored them in related 1password's Login Item's note section. After using keyboard shortcuts to fill the gmail sign in's first step, I click mini app and then from login item I click edit, cut the backup code from the list, save and close mini app window and paste the code.

Although would help if mini app's edit window automatically closes upon save, nevertheless was wondering whether there is a faster simpler way of doing this.


OSX 10.9.5
1Password 4.4.3


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    I wanted to check in here with you as the backup codes are just that backup codes. You primary code is the OTP (one time password) which you would see in the Google Authenticator app for example and or the 1Password for iOS device soon to arrive on the Mac. or even the SMS based password which is sent to you to verify your identity. Just in case you didn't want to use the authenticator app.

    On a reguler basis you should not be cutting and pasting the codes unless you have an issue with your other authentication method.

  • Correct. I am traveling and due to poor quality of phone service, my primary solution (SMS based codes) is not proving optimal and opted for group backup codes. Thanks for your input.

  • Hi @illusion3

    Sorry, I can't think of a way to streamline what you're doing already, maybe somebody else can. It kind of sounds like a better option would be to use either the Google Authenticator app (on Android, iOS, or BlackBerry according to Google) or indeed 1Password 5.2 for iOS with Pro features (if you have it already). Both allow offline access with potentially less hassle?

  • @littlebobbytables

    Thanks for the reply. The above is an isolated case but maybe based on that I can make a feature request then:

    Suggestion1: mini app's window would automatically close after clicking save by user
    Suggestion2: mini app window's close button has a drop down option with "save and close". [Similar to copy on password with drop down options of copy & reveal]
    Suggestion3: Equivalent keyboard shortcuts

  • Hi @illusion3

    Ever had one of those days where you wonder if your brain ever engaged? (obviously that was aimed at me)

    There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts that might help.

    • ⌘E is the equivalent of clicking on the edit button
    • ⌘S is the equivalent of clicking on the save button
    • esc will close the detail view of an item

    Do those help?

  • @littlebobbytables

    Those are certainly helpful. The other suggestions also make sense if implemented even only at keyboard shortcut level.

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    Hi @illusion3,

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm glad LittleBobbyTables tips have helped you as well. :)

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