Editing secure note problem in 502104

I have a secure note with secure information on it so I don't want to post a video, but here's what happens. When I go to edit the note and put my figure in the Note portion and move my finger up, the text only moves in that box and the whole note doesn't move up. The real problem is that the text portion that moves doesn't move all the way up, it just bounces down so I can't get to the lower portions of the text. It isn't that huge a problem because if I push up on the upper portion of the window and push Add new one-time password and Add new section off the screen, I can then access the bottom of the note. If it was a really long note though, it would be a problem because the bottom section with the bounce back isn't behaving properly.

I tried to make a new long secure note to reproduce this, but what happens in the new note, when I put my finger in the Notes portion and push up the whole box moves up. Add new one-time password and Add new section move off the top of the screen and I can access the Notes section. This doesn't happen in the original note I have. Is this because the original note was created in a much older version of 1P?


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @TomWolsky ,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a detailed report here. This is something that our developers are already working to solve! I've added your report to the existing issue in our internal tracker. We'll do what we can to have this behaving properly for you again soon.

    ref: OPI-2268

  • Thanks.

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    On behalf of Megs, you're welcome.

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