TouchID prompt after getting push notification

Let me preface the following with me being aware that it is a rare edge case. :)

While opening 1Password today I got a push notification (alert style, to be precise: it was a "xyz is now using iMessage/FaceTime" notification). After acknowledging this notification it led to me being able to unlock the app with Touch ID, and seeing it open in the background, while still also seeing the alert that I should put my finger down for Touch ID authentication. It also had the grey overlay. Pushing the home button or any button on the Touch ID alert didn't do anything. Turning my phone off and on (not a reboot, just hitting the power button) resolved this issue.

I'm on an iPhone 5s with 1Password 5.3 (503007).


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    Hi @holgr,

    That sounds like one of our known Touch ID issues; as it opens, Touch ID would get interrupted by something, and that leaves the app in a bad state that requires an external factor to fix it. Such an external factor would be either sleeping or waking the display, asking Siri to open something else, and so on.

    The problem is that when the app goes into the Waiting for Touch ID state, it cannot perform any actions. That means we can't switch to the lock view or reset the app if we don't get any answers back from Touch ID after a certain period of time.

    Thanks for letting us know about this edge case, we'll add it to our tracker, and also update Apple on this.

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