Repeatedly Asked to Enter Master Password so that 1Password can save login

I am using 1PW 3.9 with Chrome. Every time I login to a site using the Chrome 1PW widget, a banner pops up on the top of the page asking me to unlock 1PW so that it can save the login. Obviously, it is already unlocked and saved since I just used it. How can I stop this?


  • @kdeemer as you say you are using 1P3 I have moved your post to the 1P3 for Mac forum where you will get more help.


  • Hi @kdeemer,

    It's always worth trying a simple reboot and seeing if that makes any difference first.

    If that doesn't help and if everything seems in sync between the extension and the main application (yes, the vault can become out of sync between these two) then it might not be bad idea to see if uninstalling the extension, rebooting the machine and re-installing the extension makes any difference. Easiest way to know if they are in sync, if you add a new item to the extension can you see it in your vault from the 1Password 3 application.

    You might find that after re-installing the extension that you need to once again reboot. If you find the extension in Chrome says Connecting... then it is having trouble connecting to 1PasswordAgent. I was finding this myself while trying to assist another user and a reboot resolved it.

    Let us know how you get along.

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