Unlock with master password using extension, needed again after launching app

I'm not sure if you can do much about this one, but as I'd rebooted my phone I was back at the 'master password required' phase rather than being able to unlock with touch id.

Having used the extension (to log in to this forum!) and having had to enter my master password to use it rather than touch id, when I went into the app I needed to enter it again rather than being able to unlock with touch id. Since I had already 'unlocked' the vault when using the extension I was expecting to be able to launch the main app with only a thumb print. Hopefully this is within your control but I am wondering if this may be an apple restriction.


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    Hi @smallcheese,

    As you correctly suspected, this is due to a limitation with the extension APIs. We don't have that ability via the extension to modify how Touch ID works for the main app. That control is only available to the main app and the main app does have the ability to make it easier for the extension to use Touch ID but not vis versa.

    I'd recommend unlocking the main app first after each reboot to simply make the process easier with the extension later on. If you don't do this, you'd have to keep unlocking the extension with the master password until you unlock the main app first.

    Hopefully, Apple will support this ability in future iOS versions as they work on allowing extensions (and iOS) to be more powerful.

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