Login Item Discrepancy between Browser Plugin and Application

1Password 3.8.20
OS X 10.6.8

Recently I've noticed that my login items are not filling web site fields. If I choose a login item through 1Password and look at its details, I notice that there are no fields listed with user name and password. Yet if I launch 1Password app and examine the same login, the typical fields exist with the desired entries. Any suggestion on what I can do to fix this?


  • @alembic because you say you are using 1P3 I have moved your post to the 1P3 for Mac forum where you will get more help.


  • Hi @alembic,

    It's always worth trying a simple reboot and seeing if that makes any difference first.

    If that doesn't help then I'd suggest uninstalling the extension, rebooting the machine and re-installing the extension to see if that makes any difference.

    If you use Google Chrome you might find that after re-installing the extension that you need to once again reboot. If you find the extension in Chrome says Connecting... then it is having trouble connecting to 1PasswordAgent. I was finding this myself while trying to assist another user and a reboot resolved it.

    Let us know how you get along.

  • alembicalembic Junior Member

    A reboot did not help.

    I uninstalled the Firefox extension, rebooted, and re-installed but no joy.

    When I open the app, I see one login item for a particular web site. But when I go to the web site and use the browser extension, I see two entries. One has the correct login name but it lacks any fields in the details display. The other is simply the web site's URL and this login item has the requisite field data.

    I've tried clearing the cache and rebuilding the data file. I'd like to remove the duplicate logins when using the browser extension. This problem does not occur for all web sites.

  • Hi @alembic,

    I apologise, it turns out Firefox isn't as neat as other browsers and there is an additional step in the removal process.

    Here is a link to our Uninstalling 1Password’s Firefox Extension for 1Password 3. Steps 6-8 cover removal of the extensions .sqlite file which is what uninstalling the extension was meant to do.

    Let us know if that improves matters.

  • alembicalembic Junior Member

    Removing the .sqlite file as per steps 6-8 has fixed the problem for the web site in question. Thanks!

    What does this file contain and is it OK to trash it when things go awry?

  • Hi @alembic,

    In 1Password 3 the extension keeps it's own copy of your vault in that .sqlite file. So as long as 1Password 3 and your browser remain in sync then the removal of the file results in nothing lost.

    We have had users though that for whatever reason removed the 1Password 3 application and vault but continued to use the extension. With no way to synchronise with the proper vault that file and it's existence became very important.

    In summation though, if things go awry but your vault when viewed in 1Password 3 looks fine then you're safe to trash the file.

    I hope that helps and glad to hear things seem to be running better for now.

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