Feature Request: Browser Icon for 1Passwordanywhere

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Simple visual enhancement for 1Passwordanywhere
I use 1Passwordanywhere a lot on my linux machine at work. What I'd love is that the 1Password.html file included a reference to a favicon so that I get a nice icon beside my 1Passwordanywhere bookmark in Firefox/Chrome. I tried it out and it's actually pretty easy. All I did was add a icon.png to the 1Password.agilkeychain directory and I added the following lines to 1Password.html:

<link rel="icon" href="icon_128x128.png" sizes="128x128"/>
<link rel="icon" href="icon_48x48.png" sizes="48x48"/>
<link rel="icon" href="icon_32x32.png" sizes="32x32"/>

Could this please be added to 1Passwordanywhere support? Seems like a pretty simple item to implement.


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    Hi jaingaurav2,

    That's certainly a reasonable request! :-) Thanks for pointing this out. I'll pass this along to the devs to see if we can include it in a future release.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

  • jaingaurav2jaingaurav2 Junior Member
    Thanks for considering this feature. I should also mention that this is also useful for Google Chrome when running it in "app mode" i.e. google-chrome -app=/path/to/file/1Password.html. It results in the taskbar icon being that of 1Password.
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    An added bonus! :-D
  • Hello!

    This may be a trifle request, but I think it's nice for some that use browsers as one of their primary ways to use 1Password data.

    I think the built in html "anywhere" file needs a favicon.

    I use 1Password files via dropbox in a Chrome browser. I would love to make the shortcut with no text, but I can't because the favicon looks generic.

    I hope this suggestion gets some traction. Add a comment!

    Thanks for listening.

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    Welcome to the forums, wizozzie! :-)

    I will add your vote for this as well. We have been super busy with some other areas of development, but this would be a nice touch!

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • I'd love to see this feature added. Thanks for the great app(s)!
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