Why does reveal password show two passwords?

This looks confusing to me. When I go to edit a password and have reveal password, I see two passwords, at least that's what it looks like. I see the password in real characters as well as a row of dots. Where am I supposed to type? It looks like I have to type in the dots row. Why? Why not if you reveal password just show the password where you type? Not sure what the dots are supposed to be doing. It just looks weird and confusing to me.


  • cjbulowcjbulow Junior Member

    I agree with @TomWolsky having just seen the same thing; it's a confusing interface choice.

  • If you tap the option to generate a new password, it alters the revealed version. So I guess that's the one to edit. But I'm with you on thinking this is a little confusing. Is this new to the beta? I usually do these kinds of edits on the desktop, so I haven't ever had a time to notice (or not).

  • cjbulowcjbulow Junior Member

    @hawkmoth First time I've consciously seen it and only because of @TomWolsky's catch -- not sure how long it's been like that.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @TomWolsky, @cjbulow and @hawkmoth ,

    I apologize for the confusion here.

    Let's see if I can explain what's going on. In iOS 8, predictive text is getting smart. It has the ability to learn what you type, so that it can suggest words for you when you're typing. This is a pretty handy feature ... except when it comes to passwords. There is a potential for the helpful iOS to learn the passwords that you are typing, which is clearly not a good thing. The only way that we can prevent the iOS from learning what's in that password field is to keep it concealed.

    This is why you'll see the password revealed below the actual password field, instead of in it. You'll still want to make the edits directly to the concealed password field (and we're looking into ways to make it easier to see (in that revealed password below) where you are making the edits.

    ref: OPI-2253

    You're right, it does look a little bit odd, and I wish we had a better solution! Please let me know if you have any further questions. :)

  • I don't think this has to do with predictive typing. When I go to edit a password I see a row of dots where the password is. Below that is a button that says Reveal Password. When I press that button the password appears where the Reveal Button was. It would seem more logical if the password dots changed to the password and the Reveal Password button simply changed to Hide Password.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @TomWolsky,

    Believe it or not, we are speaking about the same thing. The reason that the password is appearing below the dots rather than replacing them is what I described above. We're working on an article to better explain this for everyone - again I can certainly see how it seems like it's a bug!

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