Quantity on Evernote Marketplace checkout was munged

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I was buying the Evernote edition of the ScanSnap XI500 from the Evernote Marketplace. I first selected the identity I wanted to use and then selected my preferred credit card from the Chrome plugin (41.0.2272.104 (64-bit) on Yosemite 10.10.2). I scrolled down to confirm the order and noticed that the quantity had been changed to 15 (almost $7,500!).

The only thing in my profile with "15" in it is my birthday. Not sure why that would change a field named "quantity" in the source though. I just went back and confirmed that it was my selecting the identity that modified the quantity (and not my CC info).


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    Hi @joestump222,

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this site - I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble filling Identities on the Evernote Marketplace! Lets figure out what is going on.

    I gave it a try on this site:


    And I was having some trouble reproducing the behaviour you are seeing.

    Which version of 1Password for Mac are you using?

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