Additonal Line after username and password

How can I add an additional line to Autotype? For Example:
username: xxxxxx
username: xxxxxx
Company Code: This is the one I want to add


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @eloflin: Sorry for the confusion! Currently Auto-Type only supports two fields, since this is how most login dialogue boxes work.

    Because Auto-Type is needed in situations where the webform does not work (or where there is none, in an app, for instance), 1Password cannot read the form's fields to know how it works; instead what it does is essentially blindly type into the current field, send Tab to go to the the next, type into that field, and then send Enter.

    I will pass this on to the developers, as we may expand the feature in a future version. Thanks for letting us know that you would find it useful to be able to fill additional fields with Auto-Type. Cheers! :)

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