Wi-Fi Sync stopped seeing my Mac

I’m using 1Password 5.3 on iOS 8.2 on an iPhone 4S and 1Password 5.1 (510035) on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 on an iMac (27", Late 2012)

Until some days ago Wi-Fi Sync between the iPhone and the iMac worked perfectly fine. Suddenly 1Password on iOS stopped seeing my iMac. Tapping “Refresh List” on the “Wi-Fi Sync” screen of 1Password for iOS didn’t help.

I made sure that:

  1. Both the iPhone and the iMac are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. The Wi-Fi server of 1Password is running on the Mac.
  3. That it is not a firewall problem (I disabled the OS X firewall, still didn’t work).
  4. That it is not a problem of a computer name that is too long or contains problematic characters (tried it with a computer name of “Tobis iMac”, still didn’t work).

I have no idea how to debug this problem. Can anybody help?


  • The usual solutions which work are:

    1. disabling then re-enabling wifi sync on both devices; and/or
    2. rebooting your phone and your iMac.

    I do come across the same problem reasonably frequently with wifi sync and I've always found reboot of both devices will solve it.

    (Thanks, by the way, for the careful description of the problem, what you've done and what you're running. That's always most helpful.)


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    Thanks for the assist, @Stephen_C! Please let us know how that turns out, @tow8ie.

  • Thanks, @Stephen_C! I did what you suggested - and it helped!

    I didn’t know how to exactly disable Wi-Fi Sync in 1Password for iOS (because it only works or it doesn’t), but I:

    1. Disabled the Wi-Fi Sync server in 1Password on my Mac.
    2. Rebooted both the iPhone and the Mac.
    3. Re-enabled the Wi-Fi Sync server in 1Password for Mac OS X.

    And voilà: It worked!

    I suspect that it had been an issue with the iPhone, because I shutdown my Mac every night, so it effectively reboots everyday. But I reboot the iPhone only occasionally.

  • Hi @tow8ie,

    The issue is Bonjour and it's not just 1Password that is affected. I've set up iTunes, which is always running on my Mac Mini to Wi-Fi sync with my iOS devices. I often find it is a couple of weeks since the last backup because Bonjour has gotten messed up and the two aren't seeing each other any more. Then today my laptop threw a hissy fit and my 1Password for iOS was reporting that it couldn't connect to my MacBook Pro on the IP address Another reboot and they're communicating once more.

    As Wi-Fi Sync relies on Bonjour we're sadly forced to accept this blips. If a reboot of both devices doesn't bring joy though please do let us know!

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