Partial Password Requests

I am a newbie (<7days) to 1Password, so please forgive me if this is an answered problem, but I couldn't find the answer.
Many UK website logins require userid, memorable data etc., but then ask for say the first, fourth and tenth characters of the password.
On some websites, the last query is on the second page of the login process?
How does one handle this within 1Password?


  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    Hi @jms4,

    This post and the others that follow might help you.

    And Using 1Password with login sequences split across multiple pages might also help with the second part of your question.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member

    That's a really neat tip, @MrC! I hadn't thought of using the window border as a mechanism to find the nth character in a password.

    Oh and @jms4: no worries on asking a "newbie" question! That's what we're here for and even "newbie" questions can teach an old dog new tricks. Exactly like what just happened to me just now :)

  • Hi @MrC,

    Thanks for your clever idea!

  • I'm glad to hear MrC's suggestion was one you found useful @jms4 :smile: If you have any more questions do please ask as we actively monitor the forums and we (AgileBits) do post in every thread, even if it's just to say a suggestion made by somebody else is what we would recommend ourselves :smile:

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