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3.5.4 stable

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Ok guys you all have put in a lot of work on 3.5.4

I just got the growl notification of an update and looked over the notes. I just wanted to say great job.


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    Thanks, Tommy! I am especially proud of the team considering we had our AGConf and Macworld during the time between 3.5.3 and 3.5.4, and it still packs a whole load of fixes and new features.

    Full Changelog

    New Added support for HTTP Basic Authentication windows for Firefox 4 betas.

    New Now auto-locking when screen is locked via keychain access, the same as when locking due to screen saver activation.

    New When adding a new attachment with the same as an existing attachment, there is now an option to auto rename and add.

    New Added "Never Display in Browser" setting to Identities and Wallet Items. This allows you to hide items (i.e. an expired/cancelled card) without needing to delete it.

    New Adding "Password Strength" to search options to make it possible to create "Weak Logins" smart folder, etc.

    New Editing Login passwords will now update its Password History to include the old password.

    Changed Now also quitting 1Password when the main window is closed.

    Changed Improved accessibility support for voice over.

    Changed Improved Preferences ] Browsers ] Remove/Install All Extensions feature.

    Changed Now always showing identities and credit cards in a submenu within the browser.

    Changed Improved reliability of data file backup by using the default location if backup path does not exist.

    Changed Improved item selection after the current item was deleted.

    Changed No longer showing item counts for smart folders that search full item contents. This avoids slow unlocking from needing to decrypt every item.

    Changed Improved Import Assistant to show if the imported item already exists, if it is different, and if it is newer or older.

    Changed Diagnostics Report now verifies that the Scripting Addition and versioned browser extensions files match the manifest file.

    Changed Now always showing "Other Logins" in submenu. Including other logins in hot-key menu.

    Changed Updated thumbnail downloader to turn off default cookie operations and prevent fetching previews from sites with bad certificates.

    Changed Enabled hover-copy for all values in "All Fields" table, not just password values.

    Changed Changed "Firefox" to "Minefield" for Minefield import instructions and added helpful instructions to Firefox import.

    Changed Added Help ] Troubleshooting ] Reset Extensions menu item to reinstall the files in Home ] Library ] Application Support ] 1Password ] Extensions to fix situations when the extension files get into a bad state.

    Changed Rewording update window title to make it shorter to work around truncation issues.

    Changed Holding the Option key during launch no longer showing the Setup Assistant if other control keys are pressed. This will help when 1Password is opened via a keyboard shortcut utility.

    Changed Relocated some logs from Console to 1Password's own private log file.

    Changed The 1PasswordAgent process now only launches if it is able to do so. This is the second attempt to avoid the "Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds" messages in the Console when 1Password's Application Support folder is removed.

    Fixed Fixed problem where a fresh install of 1Password would not open properly on first launch when using Dropbox. Before this fix you would need to reopen 1Password to see your data.

    Fixed Fixed problem showing items in Firefox Go & Fill menu after lock.

    Fixed Fixed layout conflict with StumbleUpon Firefox plugin.

    Fixed Updated Diagnostics Report to address issues in the "Installation Verification" section.

    Fixed Fixed problem running CSV/Delimited Text importer.

    Fixed Avoiding infinite loop moving 1Password to the Applications folder when the Downloads and Applications folders are the same (Yes, it was a real).

    Fixed Fixed problem showing a white box in the password field after caps lock is disabled.

    Fixed When manually creating Logins the username and password fields will now have names.

    Fixed Avoiding creation of extra blank field when creating Logins manually.

    Fixed Improved reliability of data file backup by ignoring non-critical warnings related to missing locale.

    Fixed Fixed problem importing Web Logins from SplashID.

    Fixed Importer now skips items that cannot be parsed due to invalid UTF8 characters.

    Fixed Fixed error displaying "Avoid Autosave on these Domains" listing while locked.

    Fixed The Find Existing window in the Setup Assistant can now restore 1Password backup files.
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    khad wrote:

    Full Changelog

    … is also here. :)
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    Overachiever. :-P
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