How can I add a secure note to Apple Watch?

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I found the option to see logins on Apple Watch by going to the item details, but I can't find the detailed view for secure notes. In support on the app on the iPhone, it specifically says: find the login, credit card, password, or secure note you'd like to see on your watch and go to its details view. So, it seems that the secure notes can also be viewed on the watch. I just can't seem to find the details for you to toggle on the option.


  • Jeff ShinerJeff Shiner AgileBits Admin

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    Hi @timdougherty

    I think our overloading of the term Secure Note might be confusing things. There are both Secure Note items (which can be added to Apple Watch) and Secure Note fields within other item types. A secure note item can be added to your Apple Watch. Secure note fields within other items can not be added to Apple Watch at this time.

    A secure note item can be added to your Apple Watch by going to Categories->Secure Notes and tapping on the secure note you wish to add. In the detail view you should find the "Add to Apple Watch" button.

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