Custom Rich Icons don't sync to Apple Watch

I've gone through the majority of my icons and added custom images (mostly higher-rez, less pixelated images). They look terrific on my computer and iPhone, but they aren't syncing to the Watch. All I have is the default "Lock" icon.

Are custom icons not supported on the Watch? If not, can you add the functionality? I'm a visual person and when I see a bunch of default "Lock" images on my Watch, it's hard to find what I want to use.



  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    Hi @gregjobes,

    We do not currently support custom icons on Apple Watch. There really is not a technical reason other than we were in a time crunch and implementing them did not make the cut. I can certainly request that they be added in a future update, though I cannot promise when. We're wrapping up a new update to be released in the coming weeks, so I doubt we can get that in for that. After that, we're going to prepare for whatever new tools Apple has for developers at WWDC in early June.

    I'm personally hoping Apple will have some new tools to make apps for Apple Watch far more capable than they are today. Only time will tell. Thanks for letting us know about your desire for custom icons.

  • Hopefully you can get to the icon sync in the near future ... it just makes sense to see the icons I made instead of the default lock icons.
    Thanks for the update ... it's very much appreciated :)

  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    @gregjobes: While I can't promise it, I'd be surprised if we didn't add them in the future as we round out or Apple Watch app. We're just getting started with the potential of having 1Password on Apple Watch. :)

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