Locking 1Password on Apple Watch [managed by OS]

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Hi everyone,

Having opened the 1Password app on my Apple Watch with a PIN, is there a way to lock it again? On 1Password for iPhone whenever I leave the app and return to it I am required to enter the master password to re-enter it. Yet currently on Apple Watch when I return to the home screen and then return to 1Password I am not required to re-emter my PIN.




  • brentybrenty

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    @usertech: Sorry for the confusion! 1Password on your Apple Watch doesn't lock manually. Instead it is locked when the OS removes it from memory periodically, much like the 'classic' (lol) iOS 8 1Password extension (since an Apple Watch 'app' is really just an extension of the iOS app itself, which is displayed on the Watch).

    I'm also bringing this up with the team so that we can make this more clear in the documentation as well. I hope this helps! :)

    ref: DOCS-495

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    Boy, the fact that iPassword on my Apple watch stays "open" after returning to the home screen feels really insecure. Even after taking my watch off, putting it back on entering the watch login, the app remains open. I would really much prefer having to put in the a second pin number to view sensitive material. Closing out the iOS app does not trigger a removal from memory. Can't we make this more secure than a simple 4 number pin?

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    @goorchid: Sorry for the confusion! 1Password data stored on your Apple Watch is secured based on your security settings for the Watch itself.

    For instance, if your Watch is removed from your wrist it locks. 1Password does not run on your Apple Watch, but rather on your iPhone, so 1Password itself can't encrypt your data there; your Watch handles this. This is why we recommend not storing highly sensitive data on your Watch and why it's currently limited to certain item and field types, rather than sharing everything with the Watch.

    Using a strong device passcode on your iPhone and setting your Watch to lock with it will go a long way to protecting your data, should you choose to store it on your Watch. I hope this helps! :)

  • I have to agree. What concerns me is that if you unlock 1P on the Watch, even taking the Watch off your wrist, thus locking the Watch doesn't lock 1P. Only way I found to lock 1P on the Watch manually was to force quit the app. I understand the restrictions you're under with WatchKit but man that makes me nervous. Almost a deal breaker.

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    @jdjansen: I understand completely. The best thing to do is to store information on the Watch based on the risks involved, or if there isn't information you'd be comfortable keeping there it can stay on your iPhone, which affords much more granular control over security. But hopefully Apple will expand the options for app support on the Watch in the future.

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