Unable to Use on Apple Watch [Solution: use Add to Apple Watch button on items]

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Good Morning,

I have purchased the Pro features (as indicated in Settings - Pro Features) and have enabled and installed the App on the watch (Settings Apple Watch (Enable Watch and Pin Code are both toggled on). I have also created a pin on my watch and am able to log in. I am still getting an error (once I log into 1Password with my Pin) saying "You can add items from the 1Password App on your phone. Requires pro features." I would really like to be able to view my passwords on my watch so I don't always have to have my phone out.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @amchurch12000,

    You have one more step to complete! Go to any Login, Credit Card, Secure Note, or Password item, and tap the Add to Apple Watch button. That'll send that item over to the Apple Watch app for viewing. :)

  • amchurch12000amchurch12000
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    Now I feel stupid. It would be nice if we didn't have to add each password to the watch manually. Thankfully I only have 50 passwords.

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    @amchurch12000, Glad you found it. Our idea with the Apple Watch was that you'd only store a few quick access items on it, like one-time passwords, or security door codes, locker combination…stuff like that. That's why it is à la carte instead of the whole enchilada.

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