Planned features: browser integration? add/edit items? [will try; yes]

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I am currently running 1Password Alpha Modern App & 1Password for Windows on Windows 10 Enterprise Insider review, 1Password Alpha App on a Windows 10 Beta phone.

So far I am really liking the app but I would be very interested in an overview of the current development plans for the product and when functionality is to be released.

Some specific items I would be interested is:
1) Modern App integration into IE11 on Windows 10
2) Modern App & 1Pass integration into Project Spartan
3) Ability to edit and create logins on the modern app (mobile & regular)

Is there a roadmap or anything available?



  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

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    @danielL, I can't call it a roadmap, but I can shed some light on what's coming :)

    1) Unfortunately there are no extensibility points in Modern IE and WebView is quite limited to be a foundation for the in-app browser. The integration with desktop version of IE is again a bit complicated. Store apps run in a sandbox environment and doesn't have that many tools to integrate as desktop apps have. But it doesn't mean that we are giving up, there are still few ideas floating around that might work on the desktops.

    2) Edge (aka Spartan) is in early development too, we are looking closely to see what tools it will give us to integrate with. We are excited to see new browser coming as Universal App and hope to be able to extend it on all range of devices.

    3) We are definitely working on enabling edit mode (that includes add and sync out).

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