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Loggin in at doesnt work proper. It always asks for login twice. Can you help?


  • Stephen_CStephen_C
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    @Glanni please tell us:

    1. what version of 1P you are using (go to 1Password > About 1Password, click on Copy to Clipboard and post the result here);
    2. what browser you're using and the version number of the 1P extension in that browser.


  • GlanniGlanni
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    1Password 5
    Version 5.3 (530032)
    Agile Web Store

    Firefox 38.0.1

    1P Extension: 4.3.1

  • GlanniGlanni
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    dont know why, but at the moment it works,

  • Vee_AGVee_AG
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    Hi @Glanni,

    Thanks for providing your version information, and the update that it works now. Often when a login doesn't work as expected, the problem can be solved by saving the login item manually, which updates what 1Password "knows" about how to login on that site. So you can give that a try if you run into the problem again. Cheers!

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