Cross-platform sync [ongoing effort across teams]

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I really would like to test this on a day to day basis but as long as the android version doesen't support the opvault format this is way to much hastle keeping booth in sync. So When are we gonna see support for opvault across all plattforms?

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    @Teian, thank you for joining us here in the forum!

    OPVault is the new format for 1Password on all platforms; rolling it out across all platforms simply takes time, and it's our policy not to state a specific date or release number for specific features—we don't want to mislead our customers or disappoint them by missing some arbitrary and self-imposed deadline.

    Remember that 1Password for Windows Modern is still very much an ALPHA app, which is why we recommend working with a copy of your data and not trying to make that copy serve as your day-to-day vault. That will change, of course, as the app matures on its way through a beta phase to release-readiness.

    Thanks again for your interest in 1Password for Windows Modern!

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